Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Granddad ~ Thomas Clark Spafford

This wonderful photo arrived in the post from My Aunt.  It was taken on 14 March 1941.  Granddad was in the Coldstream Guards 2nd Battalion.  My bother Tim also went on to serve in the Coldstream Guards.

I think he looks so smart.  What a shame I didn't inherit any of his dark good looks.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Family Tree the very being of my search.

First Post on My Family Tree :)

I've wondered for years about my Mum's family.  I can remember quite a lot of what she had told me as child but as you get older you begin to wonder if the snippets you've been told as a child are accurate.  I've questioned my Dad from time to time but he didn't have the answers.

The photo of my Grandmother that stood on the dressing table of my Aunty Queenie's spare bedroom had always intrigued me.  I had only seen it once possibly when I was around 11 and can remember being told that it was the only one that existed of her in the family.

Who was my Grandmother & why did she leave a young family and did she get killed in the blitz as I'd been told?  Who looked after the three children Queenie, Alice & Violet (my Mum) During World War 2?

It is that photo that eventually lead me to decided to find out more about my maternal Grandmother Rosina Gertrude Spafford nee Baker at the ripe old age of 55,  they do say it's never to late.

I started off on Genes Reunited.  I was soon piecing together the immediate members of my Mothers side of my family tree.

My Grandfather Thomas Clark Spafford remarried Rosetta Door in 1942.  This is where I got so very lucky.  On searching the surname Door I spoke to a lovely gentleman who managed to get hold of my Aunty Queenie & even rung her for me.  After not being in touch for over 30 years (my fault) I'm now back in touch :)