Queenie Rosina Gertrude Evans nee Spafford - My Aunt

Queenie Rosina Gertrude was born in 1927 in Stepney London.  She was the first child born to Thomas Clark Spafford & Rosina Baker. The first of three girls.

She was only 8 when her mother left the family home.  Her & her two younger sisters where sent up to Yorkshire to live with her fathers relatives.  Auntie Queenie with one family & Alice and my Mum with another.  They returned to London just before the war ended.  By this time my Granddad had remarried.

Auntie Queen went to live with her Aunt, Granddad's sister Hilda Buckley. Alice & Mum went to live with their grandmother Annie Collinson.

Queenie married Frederick C Evans in 1946 in Kensington.  They didn't have any children but Uncle Fred was a Scout Leader & Auntie Queenie a Cub leader.

Auntie Queenie keeping an eye on us three.

Queenie with her sister Alice in Granddads garden in Weymouth.

This Photo was taken in Auntie Queenie's & Uncle Fred's garden in Reading. From left to Auntie Queenie, Mum & Suki the whippet, Dad,  Nan & Granddad.  A friend of Nan's.  Then again left to right Jolyon,  Me & Tim.

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