Violet Margaret Stroud nee Spafford - My Mum

My Mum Violet Margaret Spafford was born in 1932 in St Pancras London.  The third daughter of Thomas & Rosina Spafford. 

She had two sisters Queenie Rosina Gertrude & Alice Louise and a half brother from her Dad's second marriage - Anthony.  Who as a young man emigrated to South Africa where he still lives.

At the age of two her mother Rosina left the family home and my Mum & her two sister went to stay in Yorkshire with family.  Alice & Mum together & Queenie went to live with another  relative.  The photo below was taken in  Yorkshire.  Mum with her older sister Alice.  Look at her straight hair & Alice's is so curly :)

I'll be filling in the gaps when I can.

My Grandfather went on to divorced  Rosina.  All the children returned to London after the war and when my Grandfather had married his second wife Rosetta Door.

This photo was taken before Mum was married she's on the right.

This is my favorite photo of my Mum with her Dad,  my Granddad & us three children.  She looks so happy & so well :)  Taken on Weymouth beach where my Grandparents lived - photo kindly given to me by Auntie Queenie x

Photo of Mum & me.  I can remember that day very well.  It was cold and windy and neither of us wanted our photo taken or to even get out of the van for that matter!

My Mum sadly died on 21st July 1969.  Far too young at the age of 37.