Thomas Clark Spafford - My Granddad

Thomas Clark Spafford born in Epworth Lincolnshire in 1903.  He went down the pit as a young man.  He married his first wife in 1925 in Chelsea.  Rosina Gertrude Baker.  He was a Porter at the Royal Albert Mansions in London by this time which stands next to the Royal Albert Hall.

They went on to have three girls Queenie, Alice & Violet (my Mum)  His wife left the family home around 1934 & his three daughters where sent to Yorkshire to be cared for by family.

Auntie Queen went to live with her Aunt,  Granddad's sister Hilda Buckley.  Alice & Mum went to live with their grandmother Annie Collinson.

 He was in the Territorial Army so was one of the first to be called up when WW2  broke out.  He was stranded on the beaches at Dunkirk and was in the sea for 3 days before being picked up.  Granddad served in the Coldstream Guards.

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He was discharged before the war finished.  His health suffered badly with the amount of sea water, oil etc he would have taken in :(

His three girls return to live with him in London before the war ended when he had remarried his second wife Rosetta Door.  They had one son Anthony.  They later moved to Weymouth where granddad was a conductor on the buses & the sea air improved his health.

Granddad in his garden picking runner beans.  I think he was a very keen gardener :)

Taking to my Auntie Queenie he was the kindest of men & a loving father.

Granddad died August bank holiday 1980.